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Trefl Jigsaw Puzzles

Let’s take a look at Trefl and see what their jigsaw puzzles are like. You can check out our other Puzzle Manufacturers pages to see how they are different.

Click the picture below to see the puzzle pieces blown up to “life size”

Trefl Chateau Sur Le Lao Oberhoffen Jigsaw Puzzle Section

These are grid cut jigsaws with interesting piece shapes.

Trefl is a large Group of companies based in Poland with major involvement in both the media and sports as well as manufacturing.

Trefl became involved in jigsaw puzzles in 1985 and are now the major puzzle producer in their home country.

The company take their corporate responsibility very seriously and are associated with many sporting events and charities within Poland.

The jigsaw puzzle timeline for the company is as follows:

  • 1985 –Began producing jigsaw puzzles
  • 1989 – Business expands due to permit to export
  • 1994 – Walt Disney becomes key licensor
  • 2000 – Set up company in Hungary
  • 2004 – Begin 3D puzzling
  • 2006 – Set up company in Ukraine

Jigsaw puzzles are produced with very varied images in sizes of 500 and 1,000 pieces.

Contact details:

Factory ul.
25 81-155

Telephone: +48-58-666-71-00

Website: http://trefl.com/corporate/grupa-trefl-en-GB/

Email: trefl@trefl.com

The four images below are a representative selection of the jigsaw puzzles sold by Trefl.

Trefl Jigsaw Puzzle - A Walk in Daisies

A Walk in Daisies

Trefl Jigsaw Puzzle - Black Horses

Black Horses

Trefl Jigsaw Puzzle - Mysterious Bay

Mysterious Bay

Trefl Jigsaw Puzzle - Parliament, London, England

Parliament, London, England

Keeping it together

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