Jigsort 500

Complete Puzzle system
Everything packs away
Light removable board
Separate sort trays
Easy to transport

Fits most puzzles up to 500 pieces
All puzzles up to 20.5″ x 15.5″
Jigsaws up to 520mm x 395mm


Jigsaw Case for 500 Piece Puzzles

If you have not already visited our main jigsaw cases overview page we suggest you pop over there now to see why the Jigsort family is so much loved by so many jigsaw doers.

This particular size, the Jigsort 500, is the smallest in the range and you need to give some careful thought as to whether it will be large enough for your needs. There are both pros and cons to its small size.

The list at the bottom of this page shows the jigsaw types that fit in the 500 size along with the ones that are too large to fit. As you will see, about two thirds of the main jigsaw manufacturers have puzzles that can be accommodated. If you are intent upon being able to do puzzles from all manufacturers then the best choice is to move up a size to the Jigsort 1000.

At the same time there is no doubting the fact that the small size and light weight of the Jigsort 500 makes it attractive in many situations: For the elderly it is the easiest possible way to move a puzzle around within the home; for residents of retirement homes its compactness makes it ideal for small bedrooms; for anyone wheelchair bound it is easy to reach all parts of the board; and for those who do not relish the challenge of larger puzzles then the Jigsort 500 is probably adequate for their needs.

Also, let’s not forget the little ones in the family! Whereas the larger puzzle cases are likely to be too cumbersome for tiny hands, the 500 Jigsort might just be the product to spark an interest in a hobby that will last their lifetime.

Looking for the perfect seating position in which to do a jigsaw? Look no further than our jigsaw tables – they are ideal companions for the Jigsort 500. Backache will be a thing of the past!

500 piece jigsaws come in a bewildering range of sizes. The list below will help you make the decision about whether the Jigsort 500 is right for you.

Puzzle sizes that fit the Jigboard 500

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Jigthings Limited
UPC Number: 5060083430014
Suitable Age Range: 14 years and up
Product Weight: 7.2 lbs

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