Jigboard 2000

Enjoyable puzzle making
Easy to move around
Raised edge ensures no lost pieces
Includes protective dust cover

Fits most puzzles up to 2000 pieces
Fits all puzzles up to 40.2″ x 28.2″
Jigsaws up to 1021mm x 716mm


Jigboard 2000 – The Largest Available Puzzle Board

Our Jigboard 2000 provides enough working space for even the most serious jigsaw puzzle assembler and it is the largest board that we know of. Admitted this Jigboard can’t accommodate the gigantic 24,000 piece puzzle called “Life: The Great Challenge” from Educa but we can promise that it will be large enough for over 99% of the puzzles that you are ever likely to encounter!

All Jigboards are made from the same materials and they all have the same great attributes – see the main puzzle board page for full details. However, there is something that you need to understand about this oversize board – it is VERY big…

Many doors in the UK are only 810 mm wide and this puzzle board is 760 millimetres wide. When you try to fit the board through a door (with your hands either side) it is not an easy process. If you need to transport your jigsaw from one room to another then it is best if two people are involved, one at either end. If you live alone and are faced with the prospect of navigating the board between rooms then we suggest that you lay it flat on the floor and then gently pull it through the opening. This way you will be sure to avoid catastrophes.

Every Jigboard comes complete with a Jigmat that serves the purpose of covering the board and protecting the puzzle pieces when you are not actually working on the jigsaw. In the case of this very large puzzle board we find that many serious puzzlers elect to use the mat as extra storage space for unassembled pieces. After all, when you are dealing with a 2,000 piece puzzle you are likely to need all the space you can get!

The exterior measurements of the board are 1,046mm x 760mm and the interior measurements mean it can hold puzzles up to 1,021mm x 716mm. Almost all conventional jigsaw puzzles up to 2,000 pieces will fit comfortably on the board and it is also suitable for many panoramic and round ones as well. Having said that, you probably know that all manufacturers have their own ideas about the sizes that puzzles ought to be so it is wise to check that any specific puzzles you have in mind do in fact fit this product.

Sunsout: 990 x 680mm (38.98 x 26.77 Inches)
Gibsons: 980 x 680mm (38.58 x 26.77 Inches
Buffalo: 978 x 674mm (38.50 x 26.54 Inches)
Clemontoni: 975 x 668mm (38.39 x 26.30 Inches)
Masterpieces: 968 x 690mm (38.11 x 27.17 Inches)
Paul Lamond: 960 x 680mm (37.80 x 26.77 Inches)
Heye: 960 x 680mm (37.80 x 26.77 Inches)
John N. Hansen: 960 x 680mm (37.80 x 26.77 Inches)
Educa: 950 x 680mm (37.40 x 26.77 Inches)
Great American: 917 x 305mm (36.10 x 12.01 Inches)
Falcon: 900 x 680mm (35.43 x 26.77 Inches)

Ravensburger and Springbok: Please check your puzzle size as sizes vary

Don’t forget that we will always be happy to answer any queries you may have – telephone or email us anytime.

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