Jigboard 1500

Enjoyable puzzle making
Easy to move around
Raised edge ensures no lost pieces
Includes protective dust cover

Fits most puzzles up to 1500 pieces
Fits all puzzles up to 35.5″ x 25.5″
Jigsaws up to 905mm x 650mm


Jigboard 1500 – Our 2nd Largest Puzzle Board

Jigthings offer 4 different sizes of jigsaw board and this is 2nd largest of them. You can read about the benefits of using a Jigboard at our puzzle boards overview page.

If you are really serious about jigsaw puzzling then this is almost certainly the board for you! Puzzles up to 1500 pieces from almost all the European and American puzzle manufacturers will fit but as you might expect there are always exceptions! Our friends at Springbok in the USA make a 1500 piece puzzle that is too large to fit as do JR Puzzles here in the UK.

Something to bear in mind is that when you are doing smaller puzzles (say 500 pieces or 1000 pieces) on a large board then the extra area can be a great benefit – you can use it to construct small sections for later insertion into the main board or for keeping those distinctive looking pieces that you just know you will have a use for in a few minutes time!

It has to be said that in some situations the size of our largest board can be a disadvantage. The Jigboard 1500 weighs nearly 4 kilos and is nearly a metre long so it is not always easy for elderly people to carry around. This is particularly true if it is frequently moved between different rooms in the house. In these circumstances it is well to consider downsizing to either the Jigboard 500 or the Jigboard 1000.

The table below lists puzzles from many different manufacturers and informs which puzzles fit on the Jigboard 1500 and which do not.

Puzzles that fit the Jigboard 1500

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