Jigboard 1000

Enjoyable puzzle making
Easy to move around
Raised edge ensures no lost pieces
Includes protective dust cover

Fits most puzzles up to 1000 pieces
Fits all puzzles up to 29.5″ x 20.5″
Fits all puzzles up to 750mm x 520mm


Jigboard 1000 – Puzzle Board for 1000 Pieces – The Most Popular Jigsaw Board in the UK

TJigboards come in 4 different sizes – this, the Jigboard 1000, is the medium size. For details about the numerous benefits of using a Jigthings jigsaw board please visit our puzzle boards overview page.

This is our best selling Jigboard in the UK because most of the 1000 piece puzzles sold here will fit comfortably into its interior measurements of 750mm x 520mm. UK manufacturers such as GIbsons, Grovely and House of Puzzles all make puzzles smaller than the Jigboard. Jumbo/Falcon in Holland, Ravensburger in Germany and Clementoni in Italy also make their puzzles to a size that fits. Indeed, we don’t know of any European manufacturer whose 1000 piece jigsaws exceed the dimensions of the Jigboard 1000.

Where a problem arises is with some of the American manufacturers. Over in the USA there seems to be a trend amongst puzzle manufacturers to make their puzzles ever larger and we now find that Springbok, SunsOut Puzzles and White Mountain Puzzles all exceed the size of our 1000 piece jigsaw board. If you are intending to make-up some of these larger US puzzles then we suggest you consider buying the largest of our Jigboards – the 1500 size.

If recent history is anything to go by, we expect the European manufacturers will continue with the existing sizes but it might be that more and more American puzzles are made bigger. This is largely because of the different standards that exist for paper sizes and which also apply to the cardboard that jigsaws are made from. For those of you with a technical mind you might like to know that most of the world adheres to a paper size standard known as ISO 216 but America has gone it alone with a different system. That’s why when you receive a letter from America it won’t be on our beloved A4 size paper!

For the purpose of easy reference we have produced a table below that helps determine whether or not the puzzles from each of the major manufacturers are suited to the 1000 size Jigboard. Needless to say, we can’t guarantee future sizes of puzzle!

Puzzles that fit the Jigboard 1000

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